Vaporization 101: The Basics

It’s a revolution. Vaporization has become the go-to method of ingesting cannabis, nicotine, and even vitamin supplements. As people become wise to the health risks associated with combustion of these […]

The Real 4/20 Origin Story

The REAL 4/20 Origin Story. If you live in California or even in a legal state for medical or recreational cannabis, you probably know what 420 means, right? Or do […]

Weed Myths that Make Absolutely NO SENSE! Part 1

Weed Myths that make absolutely NO SENSE! Part 1   The internet is the single most important invention of the information/technology age. Through this massive stockpile of information, there is […]

How did Cannabis Become Illegal?

At a young age, the youth of America are indoctrinated in the belief that their own home government undoubtedly has the best interest of the citizens in mind. It’s a […]

Why it's Safe to Dose your Pets with Cannabis!

With about half the country legalizing Cannabis for medicinal usage, it has since opened the flood gates for all types of businesses to flourish and help push forward towards full […]