It’s no secret now, THC and CBD are two of the main active Cannabinoids responsible for much of the euphoric highs and mellow lows we experience when ingesting cannabis. A lesser known fact is how these two components work together. To understand this better, its best to know how they work separately.

THC has been found to have several therapeutic applications such as treatment of mild to moderate pain, appetite loss, insomnia, depression and nausea. FDA pre-clinical trials conducted within the last 4 years, have suggested that THC-rich cannabis can reduce nerve pain/degeneration of nerves associated with neuropathy. The CB1 receptors in our brain that are actively stimulated with THC, play a large role in the ability to alleviate anxiety and depression associated with PTSD.

CBD does not offer the “euphoric high” that THC is most known for, instead many patients report feeling more “alert” after ingesting CBD. It is understood to provide relief from chronic pain, inflammation, and muscle spasms, especially in patients suffering from MS, Fibromyalgia, and Epilepsy.

When paired together, CBD prolongs the effects of THC by slowing down the process of THC metabolism in our liver. When ingesting a higher amount of CBD, the effect may lower the psychoactive affects that THC is responsible for. THC + CBD offers a great balance for patients seeking the best of both worlds. Make sure to try our Recover Kushy Punch, with 60mg of THC and 30mg of CBD, this’ll surely kick your Recovery into high gear!

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