The moment where the edible finally kicks in… It can be a scary moment if you’re not prepared. Not to worry, thankfully Mother Nature has a few reset buttons if you over medicate.

1. Calm Down and Relax: I know you just ate that whole box of TKO Kushy Punch, but rest assured freaking out and panicking is only going to make it worse. Try meditation techniques paired with deep breathing exercises to replace the panic thoughts, which will allow you to calm yourself.

2. Find a quiet setting: Bright visual stimuli, loud noises, crowds of people can all add to the disorientation you experience during a THC high. Coupled with the first item on this list, finding a quiet place to “cool out” is one of the better ways to collect yourself when you’re out in public or away from home.

3. Hydrate while you medicate: Cottonmouth isn’t a joke and while you’re medicating, the body’s need for water intake increases. A nice cold glass of water will help refresh and rejuvenate, while also helping prevent severe headaches.

4. Increase your Blood Sugar Levels: Cannabis has been associated with lowering or regulated blood sugar levels in the body. Eating fruits or anything with a natural sugar content, will help to reduce the effects of your THC high.

5. Take CBD: Ingesting CBD counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC by way of a sedative effect. A higher level of CBD will work to balance out your feelings associated with the THC high.

6. The Black Pepper Trick: Terpenes are the wonderfully aromatic oils that plants/fruits produce naturally. These oils have natural medicinal properties that when paired with cannabis, work together to provide a number of different affects for users. Black Pepper, contains a terpene named Beta-Caryophyllene which can be used to treat anxiety or depression and also induce drowsiness. Just chewing 2-3 black peppercorns can help to reduce the effects from overmedicating.

7. Try to sleep: Sleeping is the most effective way to remedy smoking or ingesting too much cannabis. Even though edibles take longer to digest and be processed, the grogginess you’ll feel upon awakening will subside with time as you go through your day.

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