At a young age, the youth of America are indoctrinated in the belief that their own home government undoubtedly has the best interest of the citizens in mind. It’s a belief that has comforted us for many generations. Fortunately, because of advances in technology, the news and the truth are at the fingertips of anyone and everyone. It has become difficult for the powers that be to continue to withhold truths from the masses. With that being said, there are many concepts and “facts” we have accepted as truth for decades. One of those “facts” being: Cannabis is a drug with no known medicinal benefits and a high risk for abuse.”

How did this even start?

The Cannabis Hemp plant has been cultivated and been in use as far back as 7,000BC when the first woven fabric was believed to be from hemp fibers. Over time, people began to cultivate more of the plant and even legally mandating farmers to grow their own crops of hemp at risk of penalty. It was at one point the world’s largest agricultural crop for over 200 years.

It wasn’t until the Mexican revolution that the plant would become demonized by lawmakers. As a result of the Mexican American war in the early 1900s, many sought refuge by crossing the borders into the US. This influx of immigration increased tensions with jobs and the government. Along with families, the Mexican immigrants also brought over the plant they were smoking, cannabis. The US government along with the help of individual state law makers, began outlawing the use of cannabis to target the Mexican American population. At the time lawmakers paired their disgust for the immigrant influx with their new feelings about Cannnabis. A Texas senator, was quoted saying “All Mexicans are crazy and this stuff [Marijuana] makes them crazy.”

At the same time, the US had issues pertaining to Alcohol Prohibition. The federal government had no power to regulate medical practice at the time so to circumvent new drug laws, came up with the Harrison Act, taxing the use of Opiates and Cocaine. Shortly after, the US treasury founded the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, which marked the beginning of America’s War on Drugs. After a few years, the bureau, with the help of the media and a number of pharmaceutical companies, were able to pass the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. With this, cannabis became illegal at the federal level. Companies like DuPont Chemical were able to patent Nylon, a synthetic fiber that was slated to replace the need for hemp fibers, pharmaceutical companies continued to conduct business without the fear of people growing their own medicinal plants. Even today, cannabis remains an illegal Schedule I drug, regardless of the availability of credible scientific and medical research.

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