With about half the country legalizing Cannabis for medicinal usage, it has since opened the flood gates for all types of businesses to flourish and help push forward towards full legalization. Forging a brand new avenue for cannabis product offerings: pot products for your cat or dog.

I know what you’re thinking “cannabis for my pets? really??” While THC produces a euphoric high, CBD, another commonly found cannabinoid within Cannabis, is non-psychotic. Proving to be a potential non-toxic pain relief alternative for aging or sick pets.

Canna Companion, another pot-for-pets proprietor based in Sultan, Washington, boasts of amazing results for customers. One such testimonial posted on their website reads: “It seems as though [Canna Companion] is the best kept secret in the animal world for pain management and anxiety issues. I originally ordered it for my cat Robbie for anxiety/inflamed bladder issues and it works! Robbie has had issues for the past year or so, and now they are all but gone.”

Although we hear plenty of similar claims from other people using these products on their pets, in certain states with Legal MMJ, it is still not legal for a veterinarian to prescribe cannabis. Those laws are slowly changing in states like Nevada, which is debating a bill to allow vets to prescribe cannabis.

Considering that the cannabis industry at large is still generally unregulated, it is hard to know what is in those products marked for pets. With all things considered, cannabis could be a great relief for your pets, just talk to a professional Vet first.

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