“A pill for every ill” an adage that has become somewhat of an unofficial motto for the Pharmaceutical industry. If you own a TV, you’ve probably come across one of the countless advertisements for new prescription medications sweeping the nation. The seemingly endless array of chemicals being peddled is enough to make your head spin (pun definitely intended.) It’s hard to turn a blind eye to the side effects that many of these medications advertise; some seem worse than the original condition. So in the face of these truths and newer facts coming out everyday, why is does the pharmaceutical industry have such a stranglehold over the marketplace for medicine?


Special interest groups whose main goal is to lobby for legislation allowing Pharma companies, tax breaks, lenient laws regarding safety, allowing them to conduct business with limited restrictions. Now with the onset of the “Green Rush”, these lobbyists are working harder than ever to make sure Cannabis doesn’t grow strong enough to siphon patients away from pills. Once you grasp this concept, you’ll realize this is motivated more by money than by the safety of the patients and the advancement of science. The proof is there, in states that have laws allowing medicinal or recreational use, have lower instances of overdose and general use of pharmaceuticals. A study published in “Health Affairs” a medical journal, finds clear evidence showing a missing link between active cannabis users and falling overdoses. “In the 17 states with a medical-marijuana law in place by 2013, prescriptions for painkillers and other classes of drugs fell sharply compared with states that did not have a medical-marijuana law. The drops were quite significant: In medical-marijuana states, the average doctor prescribed 265 fewer doses of antidepressants each year, 486 fewer doses of seizure medication, 541 fewer anti-nausea doses and 562 fewer doses of anti-anxiety medication.”


With at least 9 more states heading to the ballots later this year to vote on legalization, we’re on the cusp of a huge change in the world. Finally the word is spreading in favor of Cannabis and against pharmaceuticals. You can’t hold the masses back from what they want for too long!


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  1. There are times when a drug is needed BUT when Cannabis can do the job with zero side effect you would have to be a lunatic to take the drugs that have side effects that can kill you instead.

    1. Agreed! We’d like to live in a world where access to cannabis is affordable and accessible to anyone with a pulse. Its an uphill battle and we appreciate your support. Spread the good word around!

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