I have stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer. The doctors first diagnosed me with stage III breast cancer and that I needed to get a double mastectomy to remove both breasts.The tumor was so big that I would have to get my nipples removed and get chemo with radiation after wards. I demanded I get a pet scan to then find out that I had stage IV, Metastatic Breast cancer  that is incurable with bone met’s through out my entire body. My breast cancer is not genetic, meaning it was not caused from my body and is from estrogen. I am taking Letrozole which has stopped all the estrogen in my body and I am vegan. (Vegan blood is scientifically proven to fight cancer 8 times stronger then convectional blood.) I also used CBD salve on my tumor and lymph node several times a day and at night. I refused conventional treatment of chemo, radiation and surgery, within 3 months my tumor was 60% gone. The doctors said my results in 3 months were like a patient that had been on the medication for 1-1/2 years. You can imagine how happy I was until 3 months later when I found out the cancer tumor and lymph node was NED: No Evidence of Disease!!!!!!!!! I basically got rid of a huge cancer tumor in my breast and in my lymph node within 6 months!!!! I am explaining my protocol in detail because I used other things in conjunction with the CBD salve but I can say I got the highest and best results on the medication with using CBD and a plant based diet. 
I highly recommend using CBD salve and taking CBD internally for anyone diagnosed with ANY kind of cancer. Chemical medicine’s give you terrible side effects and CBD does nothing but HEAL your body NATURALLY and EFFICIENTLY. CBD is a medicinal natural remedy from nature that HEAL’Syour body and I am so very very grateful for it. Wishing everyone to please try it alone or in conjunction with other medicine’s.  

Thank you and wishing everyone perfect health,
Saundra Stein

I would like to start off by complimenting your amazing product, over my years I have eaten plenty and never get sick of the outcome!

Garret Johnstone

Kushy Punch is by far my favorite brand. I enjoy the vape and the gummies. It helps with my mental illness. Thank you so much!

Lauren Ashley Ontiveros

OMG thank you! Easy to use, tasty and very VERY effective. Chronic body pain…gone. DEEP restful sleep. No other side effects? Awesome!!! No coughing? No smelly smoke? Fabulous!!! LOVE your product!!!

Toni Marie Morris

I had 100mg of Sativa and I’m just dancing in my office.

Taylor Ledford

I highly recommend the oils, it keeps my severe epilepsy at a stand still.

Dusty Hill

Your products have changed my life. I cannot say enough great things! Amazeballs in every single way! Consistent and so manageable. LOVE! Thank you- from the bottom of my heart- for your consistency and for allowing my mind to release. Clearly they work!


Best edible i’ve tried so far. Thanks!


It’s not “probably” the best edible, IT IS the best edible out there.


Definitely #1 award worthy!!! Thank you for putting out such a good quality product.


You guys aint kidding I can eat any other edible and not get the right effects but these Kushy Punch are full effect and clean. Awesome product!


I Love your products! I’ve recently discovered your products a few months ago when I was hired at a dispensary in Perris. Since I’ve began medicating with the Kushy Punch TKO’s, I just can’t get enough. I’m a gluten and dairy intolerant individual so my edible choose aren’t as wide as many other patients. I prefer to use edibles instead of smoking because my lungs cant handle much smoke and iend up coughing forever. I would love to medicate with at least 2-3 of the TKO’s a day because that’s about where my tolerance is at and the 50mg bites are PERFECT! I use medical marijuana because of a burst growth plate in my spine when i was younger as well as A.D.D. and the edibles work far too well for me.

Brady Freeman

I just want to thank you guys for making such a great product. I had biopsy done last Friday and your medicine was the only thing that has helped me sleep and remain calm while I wait for my results. Thank you!


Thanks for making my days better!


Huge love for the KP fam bam. Definitely taking care of my mom’s Leukemia pain, nausea/vomiting, lack of appetite, and minimal will to live. Each time she has a gummy, she is alive and ready to battle.


Kushy Punch CBD helps with Aches, Indica relaxes, helps stress, nausea, Sativa for depression, the Hybrid promotes deep relaxation(very good)TKO for chronic to acute pain, and Recover for clarity. I have had 36 surgeries, was hit by a car( can walk), bit on the mouth by a Pitbull(plastic surgery) & after my last surgery I could not think about becoming reliant on Opiods again, so I got my Medical Card, and I don’t feel sluggish or depressed, just wished ( on disability) I could afford what I need everyday, but I still like Kushy Punch!

Mary Baker