What extraction methods are used?

Different extractions are required for different products. For Kushy Vape and Kushy CBD products we use C02. For Kushy Punch we use Iso-butanol and Ethanol. It is then run through a Soxhlet extraction; short path distillation. The distillation process ensures that only the purest oil reaches our end products. We reintroduce select terpenes and cannabinoids into the mix because most extraction methods degrade the natural essence and oils that are found in the plant.

What makes cannabis-infused edibles better than other edibles?

There are so many different options in the world of edibles. Infused edibles are stronger than edibles that are just coated with a Cannabis Oil Spray. Infused edibles are made by incorporating the foundation of cannabis within the actual edible.

Can you ship products out of state or internationally?

We cannot ship products containing THC anywhere! No exceptions! We do ship KUSHY CBD products domestic and international. Visit for more information.

How do I know what product is best for me?

To take the confusion out of edibles, all packages are marked clearly with dosage information. In addition, we’ve added guidelines for you to correctly cut a smaller dosage to start with. For patients with a lower tolerance, we recommend starting low with their doses. If you’re unfamiliar with Edibles we recommend our Indica, Sativa, Hybrid 100mg varieties. Try half a dose to start with (12.5mg)

What is THC?

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the chemical responsible for most of of the psychological effects associated with marijuana. In other words, this is where your high is derived from.

How do you ensure the dosages of each product?

All of our products are manufactured using properly calibrated laboratory grade equipment. Once products are manufactured, we have them tested by a reputable testing facility. When the test results meet our standards, we release the products to the public.

What is the shelf life of Kushy Punch?

Unopened and stored in a cool, dark, dry place, the gummies will last for approximately 1 year from the manufacturing date. If opened, we can ensure the same shelf life if they are kept cool, dry, and away from light.

How do I order for my collective/dispensary/delivery service?

If you are interested in placing a wholesale order for your store or delivery service, please contact us:

Can people with food allergies or dietary restrictions, use your products?

Our products are Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Fat Free, and Peanut Free. We are currently in development with a Vegan and Sugar Free line of gummies.

How can I work for Kushy Punch?

If you’re a California resident, you can pass along your resume to us:

What happens if I get too high?

Relax, It’s not the end of the world. Drinking water, laying down, or  ingesting CBD can help reduce your high and help you relax. Read our blog posts for more information.

Where are your products found?

Currently, our products are only available at licensed dispensaries and delivery services in California. Check out our store locator to find a shop near you!

I bought a Kushy Vape Pen, How does it work?

It’s easy! No buttons needed. Once, you take it out of the box, just find the end with the little hole and inhale from that end. The bottom will light up red once it detects your inhale. Each inhale is a maximum of 4-5 seconds, you’ll notice the light will blink when the battery cuts off your inhalation. After a second you can resume by taking another hit. You’ll notice the battery will last for approximately 300 puffs.  After that you will see that the battery will continue to blink every time you attempt an inhale, meaning it’s time for a new vape.

How is Kushy Vape flavored?

We reintroduce fruit and cannabis derived terpenes to our foundation of oil. In addition, we include natural essential oils that provide added flavor to our profile as well as medicinal benefits.

What is CBD?

CBD or Cannabidiol does not produce a high or euphoric state like THC (the psycoactive compound of cannabis) is known for. This gives it a medicinal advantage with little to no side effects as an option with minimal to no side effects. CBD has given researchers, scientists, and patients hope for a different way to relieve pain and stress, through a non-psychoactive form. Order CBD for delivery at

What does CBD do?

CBD is known to assist with: reduction of nausea and vomiting, seizure suppression, anti-psychotic, anti-inflammatory, fights cancer cell growth, combats anxiety and depression, amongst many others.

CBD also counteracts the negative effects of THC by reducing the paranoia and memory impairment that goes along with the euphoric sensation. CBD can leave you feeling more alert as it also counteracts the sleep-inducing effects of THC as well.  In contrast with, pharmaceutical painkillers, CBD pain regimens can help reduce the stress placed on your liver and kidneys. Follow news on our Kushy CBD Facebook Page.

Can you ship CBD Products to my state?

Yes! CBD contains minimal to no THC, which allows it to be shipped across state lines. We can ship to all 50 States! Visit to place an order!